Switzerland halts the 5G roll out due to safety fears

Switzerland have halted the 5G roll out over safety fears.


The country has halted any roll out of 5G until the technology is proven  safe which it will never be.

They are concerned at the increased levels of microwave radiation that will come once 5G is fully rolled out and with campaign groups asking the government to ban 5G it was an easy option just to pull the plug.

This action shows to Trafford councillors that they must take some interest in what we have been telling them all this time, 5G is a dangerous technology.

For an entire country to ban 5G really helps our campaign to get Trafford to halt the 5G roll out and to change minds at the sleepy council.

We are not saying it will kill anyone, we have never said this, however it will lead to health issues and complications and could cause death as a result, this is factual and so do you chance it or do you think about prevention first?

5G brings some big internet speed differences! this is the only real benefit of the technology, who wants to see cars being driven by themselves? OK we agree the NHS (if we still have one after we leave the EU at the end of the year) will benefit in some way from 5G.

What is 5G you may be asking and why it is harmful to not only humans but wildlife and even insects.

5G is the next generation of mobile phone telecommunications and it works alongside other mobile phone infrastructure so it can be hidden in masts already accepted in communities.

It is very different though from say 2g/3g and 4g in that it uses much more power, small antennas and masts will be fitted to lampposts and other street furniture, even in parks! behind benches on any infrastructure, so if suddenly your park becomes less leafy you will know something is being installed as 5G will not work with trees around.

5G uses a microwave beam known as ‘Beamforming’ this is the same as how your Sky dish works, a beam is sent from the dish to the satellite in space, 5G’s beams will be everywhere once fully rolled out and it will go through humans and animals, it will increase microwave radiation all around us and unlike 3G and 4G you will not be able to escape the beams.

Even in your home the beams will be there! no matter where you are it will find you, this is completely different to what we have always had so do not think it is the same technology!

Because of patient confidentiality no one will know if anyone will get sick from 5G so we cannot leave this to chance, Trafford Councillors need to address residents concerns, tell them the truth (for once!) and halt this roll out, already the north of Trafford has 5G however we are not aware of any antennas being installed.

The crafty mobile phone networks have gone behind the backs of the public, since they do not need planning permission for mast installation, however the councillors will know what is going on but they are not saying anything! in fact we have proof that they are trying to mislead people into believing 5G is safe!

It is not just humans that it will affect, our pets will be hit hard and all of our insects will die, birds will have no escape and die, squirrels will have nowhere to hide although will be better off due to being around trees.

Our insects which believe it or not is the spine of all life on the earth will die, already we are seeing species becoming extinct! when was the last time you saw a moth? of course with insects it is mostly pesticides that kill them, with the inclusion of 5G it will wipe them out.

We congratulate Switzerland and the people for standing up for what is right.




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