Coronavirus: Tories slip in legislation that gives Police powers to force anyone into isolation

UK Government slips in legislation that means any police officer can detain you if they think you have symptoms of the Coronavirus.

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Documents read today shows that an officer can detain you even in your own house if their is any suspicion you may have this virus! once detained they will take you into a police cell and from there into further isolation for 14-days.

Campaigners have been alerted about this horrific bit of legislation, it is though too late and police can do much more now than they ever could, this will lead to serious problems in communities and further problems with trust.

The legislation seems to be only for England so Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland escape.

If you have a simple cold an officer may suspect you have the virus, if no one other than your child shows cold like symptoms it could give an officer the right to knock on your door and take he or she away from you! and in this legislation an officer is allowed to use force.

You can read the entire document here: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2020/129/contents/made

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