Kate Green wants a rail line through Partington but Sustrans have told us it will be a cycle path

Kate Green the Labour MP for Stretford and Urmston is asking the government for funding to get the rail line through Partington reopened.

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We though have proof that Sustrans are claiming it is to be a cycle path well before Kate Green came on the scene.

In an email sent to Sustrans we asked what is to happen with the abandoned rail line that goes from Cadishead over to Partington and through to Timperley, a Mr Bruffell who is a Network Development Manager for the North West told me:

“The route is identified as part of the Bee Network master plan as shown below.

“Sustrans has also identified it as an aspirational route as shown on the enclosed future vision plan.”

A diagram shows what he was talking about which can be seen below:


Interesting diagram sent from Sustrans

This is interesting but really did not answer the question, so we replied back asking simply is the abandoned rail line going to be a cycle path and he said:

“Yes, that is what I understand various parties are working towards based on what Trafford Council and Salford Council have indicated to both Sustrans and the Mayor’s Cycling Team headed by Chris Boardman who have established the Bee Network master plan.”

Whilst no one objects to anything that goes on the line since it will benefit Partington more than anyone else and more so in the coming years where it might be the only route in and out of the place Sustrans have told us as you can read above that this is to be a cycle path and Kate Green obviously has not done any research into this.

This would be one of the best cycling routes in Trafford or anywhere! it would also benefit runners and walkers, more should be done to help people get more healthy and having this route as a cycle path would encourage people to get on a bike.

It would also keep cyclists of Sinderland Lane which is something not only Kate Green needs to look at more closely but also all Trafford councillors interested in a more safer and healthier borough.


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