Electrocution fears after gate to a railway bridge in Timperley smashed down

Electrocution fears after a gate to a railway bridge in Timperley was smashed down.


The bridge which goes across the Bridgewater Canal in Timperley and out towards Skelton Junction was already unsafe with much of the wood and stones gone leaving huge gaps that can be seen from the tow path.

We have had it verified that at some point along that line heading out further into Timperley is electrified, further on the line joins up with the Chester to Manchester Piccadilly line.

An accident along the line would be a disaster! emergency services would find it very difficult to get to anyone who was electrocuted or simply just incapacitated due to an unfortunate injury.

A report has been sent to Network Rail and engineers are on route to secure this fence, it has been suggested that no one goes on this line as even though it looks abandoned it is actually private land.



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