Appreciation shown from Trafford residents to all our shop and supermarket staff during the Covid-19 crisis

From local shops to our supermarkets and even the delivery drivers they got the thumbs up from Trafford residents during the Covid-19 crisis.

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Staff worked long hours to make sure food was stocked, during the panic buying staff at these stores must have thought they had started up a new fitness craze! delivery after delivery! these people deserve the appreciation from the public.

Co-op on Coppice Avenue in Sale with staff working hard to keep you fed did so in the most professional way possible, the staff were credited throughout the crisis as being very friendly.

Other Co op stores also were praised for the hard work they put in and treating people in the right way throughout.

We got messages from people about how professional Tesco in Sale was and the normal friendly way they have always been with customers, Sainsbury’s also got a big thumbs up in stores around Trafford.

Local convenience stores were also given some appreciation for the work they put in to make sure people had what they needed.

Messages of support also went out to all the delivery drivers from many Trafford’s residents,  they all worked hard to get the food to the shops and it is great they also got the thumbs up.

Despite the speed of which this virus took hold, our shops held it together, it is now we can understand how important they all are to us, and although the virus is still around they continue to work hard, making sure all Trafford’s residents have food and drink on the table.

Our NHS and all our front line services are our real heroes in all of this madness, we shall also call our shop and supermarket staff the same for the tireless work they have done in what has been a trying time for everyone.

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