Out and about we will find all Trafford’s mobile phone masts

We needed a new way of getting you the information about where all these mobile phone masts are in Trafford.

Instead of a boring old map we went for something not only more reliable but interesting.

A gigantic effort is underway as we speak to video every mast we know about or see in Trafford, our first area was in Partington and Carrington.

We did miss one mast in Partington which is a 4G mast on the Three Network, it actually was a 3G mast on the old T-mobile network, it can be found close to Partington Sports Centre and Cross Lane Park on Chapel Lane.

Screenshot 2020-03-31 at 6.56.36 PM - Edited

Three mast on Chapel Lane Partington: Image Google

We will be out every day of the week until every area of Trafford has been covered, you can view the footage on our sister YouTube channel N4TX, once completed we will stitch them all together and will publish in an article soon.

Many masts will have been upgraded to 5G and the reporter will mention this in the videos.

It is a unique way of showing you where all the masts are in video form with some information added.

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