Trafford residents in lockdown and still the borough’s trees continue to be felled

Many more trees are being felled in Trafford as people continue to obey the lockdown to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

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We are very concerned about the amount of trees that have been felled, we saw over a hundred logs on land of Carrington Lane.

Land on Broadway in Partington has already seen hundreds of trees come down for the new housing development which has now been delayed due to the pandemic, it is now understood the remaining bit of woodland on Broadway will be flattened and a new path will be created meaning even more trees will come down in the area.

Video contains some swear words

Trees along the Bridgewater Canal in Sale have been felled nearer the tram line and big gaps have appeared  towards Timperley tram station.

The reduction of trees is to help mobile phone mast engineers get the 5G signal in the right places with as little interference as possible, once the millimetre wave masts and antennas are deployed trees and shrubs will have to go since the technology will not work with them in the way.

Trafford Council declared a climate emergency at the back end of 2018 and have done next to nothing to help the environment, the felling of trees many of which are healthy  is not showing the people of Trafford or the people of the world that they are serious about climate change, with only saplings being planted which takes some thirty years to develop, people will be not only angry but embarrassed.

With the growing number of people wanting to see the end of the 5G roll out the pressure is now on for this council to listen to the concerns of worried residents rather than the sound of money they will get from the mobile networks.


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