Big rise in Coronavirus cases in Russia

A report in Moscow suggests Russia has had its biggest rise in Coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

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To date their has been 6.343 cases and 47 deaths with most of the rise in cases being in the nations capital.

In just one day it is claimed 954 new cases, Russian president Vladimir Putin has since extended the none-working week until April 30th, he has apparently signed off new draconian measures for the Russian people which includes a claimed 5-year prison sentence for anyone giving out false information about the virus and punishments for anyone breaking the quarantine rules which includes a 7-year sentence!

On the plus side it has been reported Russia has given $1m to the World Health Organization to help in the fight to end the virus.

Even more interesting is that Russia has it has been reported managed to develop a very fast Coronavirus test with a 94% accuracy and the result is given in just 40 minutes!

The country has done what it can to halt the virus in much the same way as the rest of the world although you can see the issues are at this time nowhere near as bad as other countries.



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