5G mast to be installed in Partington

Mobile operator Three is to install a 5G mast soon on Chapel Lane in Partington.

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The mast which will be much higher than the one it is replacing will be seen for miles around.

It is also very close to a sports centre and a artificial football pitch, all adults and children will be exposed to the radiation given of by this mast which will include 12 antennas.

Ward councillors, teachers and likely the Parish Council were told about this mast on 13/02/2020.

5G is not a safe technology, it has never been proven safe, ward councillors all around Trafford are seemingly guided by ICNIRP (International Commission Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) who have suddenly changed the PDF date.

The guidelines are actually from 1998! so let’s fully look at what the main points are with this type of technology.

  • EMF exposure levels above those of ICNIRP 1998 basic restriction levels their is limited research
  • As EMF frequency increases. exposure to the body and the resultant heating becomes more superficial, and above about 6GHz (5G will be around 5.8 then increase to around 38GHz and beyond) this heating occurs predominantly within the skin, for example 86% of the power at 6 and 300GHz is absorbed within 8 and 0.2mm of the surface respectively.
  • Research has shown anything above 300GHz can increase core body temperature by 1 degree

The information in the ICNIRP guielines are all time limited exposure to radio frequencies so for 5G it would be 6 minutes, the problem is the 5G mast and associated antennas including the MMWave masts that will soon be fitted on almost every lamppost and just about everything else people and pets will be exposed to these frequencies for 24 hours a day and every day, no matter where you go it will find you.

We think people including ward councillors have not fully understood the science behind how a 5G mast works, instead relied on what others may have said about conspiracy theories of the past without understanding at that time people did not understand 4G proper.

4G has no power to really harm anyone, for example a 4G mast works at no more than 2.6GHz where as a 5G mast will end up somewhere around 300GHz.

The 4G masts do not have a microwave beam! neither did 3G, the beam known as ‘Beamforming’ is really dangerous more so to women who are pregnant, at this time though we believe the deployment of the MMWave masts has not yet happened, although we are keeping a close eye on this.

We ask the community of Partington to reject this mast on the facts we have presented, on the real truth that ward councillors have not given any time to read ICNIRP guidelines or more importantly understood it! although we fully understand it is very technical.

You can read for yourself the guidelines that were written in 1998 and you must take the date into account when reading the information https://www.icnirp.org/en/activities/news/news-article/rf-guidelines-2020-published.html

It is true we need mobile masts for us to all communicate and it has been even more important during this pandemic, however we have infrastructure in place already that is serving us well, 2G, 3G and 4G all working well and not causing a fuss, we do not need 5G!

(Update: the mast has full approval and we suggest to people to be reading the updated ICNIRP guidelines which gives a more accurate picture of how bad 5G is)

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