Cyclists on pavements are causing problems for deaf people in Trafford

Cyclists urged to take more care after several reports of incidents involving deaf people in Trafford.

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Our readers have contacted us about the problems they face on a daily basis where people on mountain bikes have been riding on pavements and grass verges,

A woman from Urmston who does not wish to be named told us that guys on mountain bikes go past her on a pavement almost knocking her down, she tells us that when she is out and about the cyclists brush past her and if they caught her arm or clothes she would have a nasty fall and could end up in hospital.

She has also been subject to abuse with finger gestures and easy to understand swear words, obviously the cyclists are unaware the person is deaf, the woman has tried to protect herself by walking on the edge of paths so she cannot be hit.

Others have told us of similar issues whilst they are out and about.

Cycling on pavements if caught by police could mean you get a fixed penalty notice and a warning.

We urge all cyclists to try and cycle on the roads, if you need to cycle on pavements for safety or you have just had a rest or fixed a puncture then you must make sure you look around and do not pass too close to someone as that someone may have hearing problems.

Many cyclists are very responsible and only want to get to where they are going, as ever it is always the few who cause the most problems.

This is a serious matter and News4Trafford are contacting the relevant people to try and get this sorted out not just for our deaf readers but for the public more widely.


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