US have dumped the Coronavirus models will the UK follow soon?

Dr Jerome Adams Surgeon General in the US spoke on a US radio station this week about a new direction in the fight against Coronavirus.

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Dr Jerome Adams Surgeon General was interviewed by popular US radio station SiriusXM Radio this week talking about how the US is dealing with the Coronavirus.

“Models are projections when you do not have data, we have the data and we are tracking that data and we are not as reliant on the Coronavirus models” says Dr Adams he continues to say “Some places  in the US will be open in May and June and everything will be driven by data.”

Some American people jumped to conclusions that Bill Gates had been dropped by Trump it turned out this was not true.

Dr Adams offered some advice to the world about the wearing of masks he said: “We recommend wearing facial coverings rather than masks.” he continued to give this advice:

  • Wearing masks is not a substitute from social distancing
  • Don’t touch your face, wearing masks could put you in more danger
  • Save masks for health care workers they need them more

A mask is not magical and it is harmful if you are not wearing it in a proper manner, since you will be more likely to touch the mask many times, you need to clean the masks regular.

Dr Adams talked about treatments for Coronavirus, he said: “Dozens of trials are on going we know the game changer will be when we find the vaccine and then Coronavirus will be more like the seasonal flu,”

He said: “This year  25,000 people in the US died of influenza.”

Dr Adams then said: “It takes about two or three more years or more for you to get enough herd immunity for that alone to be an effective way of combating the disease and that only works if the disease does not mutate, we cannot rely on herd immunity we really need to rely on mitigation and testing.

This is a completely different direction for the US to take, since the UK follows everything the US does, will this mean the UK government could soon drop the science, and all the confusing models?

We can understand why conspiracy theorists are having a fun time of things right now with this virus, in hard times of the past some of these conspiracy theorists have been talking the truth, nothing must be rubbished in what has been a confusing mixed up crazy time for each and every one of us.

With mainstream media starting to show some steel for once, it is for them to get to the bottom of everything, for the editors to show some courage and let their great journalists ask what they need to ask and put this useless government on the ropes, making sure if anyone falls they will catch them out!

Already we have shown you the mistakes government have made, we have shown you that Coronavirus was taken of the infectious diseases list, and more to prove something is not right about all of this, whilst still giving a warm thumbs up to all of our NHS and emergency services, and our condolences to all who have died.



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