New application for a 5G mast near Trafford Retail Park in Urmston has been submitted to the council

A new application for a 5G mast and all its antennas at Neary Way at Trafford Retail Park in Urmston has been submitted to the council.

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The mast has already been approved by councillors on 4 December 2019, however the applicant has said in documents seen that they could not install a mast due to the land issues, and so instead are going to upgrade the existing mast which is located very close to McDonalds.

Looking further we noticed something which was crucial to our fight to get 5G halted here in Trafford, the applicant said:

Members of the public cannot unknowingly enter areas close to the antennas where exposure may exceed the relevant guidelines.”

So what does this mean? once the installation has been done the immediate area will have higher levels of radiation, people who work at McDonalds will be affected and others, what is more serious about it all is all masts will have the same problems.

The new mast in Partington is very close to a school and where children play, the mast which will reach 20m will cover all of Cross Lane Park where kids and adults are, it will affect our animals, wildlife even bees and other insects are affected by high frequencies.

To add to this the networks have so far not deployed any millimetre wave masts and antennas yet which will connect to these 5G towers, it works on beams, so you will find in time a grid of microwave beams.

We ask you to object to all 5G masts in Trafford until proven safe, some residents have asked us to show us proof of it being harmful, the above statement is helpful however no testing has ever been done with this technology, nothing can be found anywhere that it is safe! we will like other continue to look for answers.

To all staff at McDOnalds we urge you also to reject this mast including everyone at the Trafford Retail Park and residents nearby.

You can submit an objection by going by clicking https://publicaccess.trafford.gov.uk/online-applications/simpleSearchResults.do?action=firstPage

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