Angry lottery players told to go elsewhere to get their winnings by the Co-op

People playing the National Lottery and win have been told by every Co-op they have to go elsewhere to get their winnings.


We thought it was a little unfair since they were selling tickets and scratchcards and terminals were working fine.

So we investigated what was wrong since nothing is on the National Lottery website about the restrictions, a spokesperson for The National Lottery said: “Our official line is that it is at the total discretion of the individual stores.”

All Co-op stores can then accept winning tickets and is at the discretion of the store manager, not of the Co-op itself.

Not to worry though even if you cannot get your winnings out you have 180 days to get whatever you have won, still the same if the stores are selling these tickets and scratchcards they should pay out if someone wins, the door swings both ways!

We have contacted Co-op about this issue in the hope management can contact all managers in the stores to accept winning lottery tickets and scratchcards with immediate effect or not be selling these things, we will update this article with their statement.

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