New 5G mast to go up in Old Trafford

A new 5G mast is to go up in Old Trafford.

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The 20 metre O2/Vodafone mast will go up on Cornbrook Street and will have with it 6 antennas, 2 transmission dishes, 2 cabinets, a GPS module and two Radio units.

Old Trafford has other 5G masts in the area, on a block of offices on Talbot Road we have seen two Massive MIMO panels, other masts will have gone up elsewhere.

We are starting to see millimetre wave deployment in Old Trafford, this is the next and most dangerous phase of 5G, we are telling people not to be buying 5G devices as this will make things much worse.

The signal is from a beam which is nothing like what we have always been used to, it carries a significant amount of power and from it a significant amount of radiation, we are not talking about a single beam here! remember other networks will be operating so once all the millimetre wave masts are up and running many beams will be in operation.

If no one has a 5G device the levels of radiation will be much lower, which is better for us and our pets and wildlife.

We understand why your local councillors will not lift a finger because they do not fully understand the technology, they have proven this to us! and when a councillor has bothered to budge an inch they have gone through ICNIRP guidelines which is tragically out of date and only offers a small amount of information on 5G technology.

The untrusted WHO (World Health Organisation) cannot even give people of the world any answers until 2022 and by then the roll out will have neared completion.

5G is though set to give local councils a lot of money, this entire thing is money driven, in one document seen in the application to Trafford Council it shows you that it will make over £2bn just to have 5G, in that way it makes perfect sense for this cash strapped council to jump at it, more so now with what is going on around us.

We need a halt to 5G and we ask all people living in Old Trafford more so Globe Close and others including businesses concerned to register yourself on the Trafford website and object as soon as you can, the more people object the better.

Although we have been against 5G from the start one thing we do not want to see is anyone burning them masts down, or attacking workers this is not helping anyone with stopping the roll out of 5G, we have seen in recent days that legitimate campaigners have had their YouTube channels taken down, we believe this was simply because of a small number of people taking the law into their own hands.

Let’s be sensible about this and the result will be a sensible conclusion not one where YouTube channels and legitimate groups are trashed when all they wanted to do is get a halt to this dangerous technology.


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