More issues for 5G mast engineers as they come under attack by some very unhappy people

Mast engineers up and down the country are coming under attack by some very unhappy people protesting about 5G.


5G /LTE masts: Image Darren Marsden

In the Sun newspaper it is claimed some people have left razor blades and other things so engineers will stop working, not to actually harm them, although we have no way of verifying the papers claims we are asking people to not attack engineers or burn down masts.

People need to understand to halt 5G which is what most of us want, you need to do this in a responsible way.

We understand fully that people do not want 5G to be rolled out, and that people do not even need it since we already have a good enough mobile phone network with 4G and 4.5G.

The more people do the damage, the more it will damage our chances, undermine our and other people’s work and the more likely it will be the roll out will continue because political people will turn away even more than they do now.

What is needed is to educate the political world, we know they are completely illiterate about 5G, they haven’t got a clue what it is, what it does.

So instead of doing more damage, do the right thing and help these people!, get to see your MP, it is far better than emailing them, get a group to see them, use Facebook and get thousands of people around where you live involved and then to ask your MP and councillors to have a meeting.

It is then you can have your say, showing how you feel and the fears you may have, just do this in the appropriate way and you will see more things happen from that rather  than burning down masts or targetting mast engineers or open reach workers who really do not have much to do with the cellular side of things.

Here in Trafford we are planning something soon where we will be taking all residents concerns to all three MPs, we are writing to all councillors to educate them about 5G and the harm it will do.

5G is being rolled out fast here in Trafford, we feel it is too late now to stop it, however the second part of the roll out which is the dangerous part has not yet been deployed, it is this we are targeting and hopeful we can halt this part of the rollout.

If we can do this, and we will try hard! things will be much better, and those that want 5G will have got it, those that wanted some safety although small will have also got their wishes, so lets do this!

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