Flats and shops on Cross Street in Sale to be demolished

Flats and shops on Cross Street in Sale are to be demolished later this month.

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Trafford Housing Trust is finally getting rid of the block where the old Post Office used to be, Manchester Fireworks and a tattoo shop is the only businesses currently still open.

Numbers 153,155,157,159,161,and 165 will be demolished making way for up to date apartments.

Work is planned to start bringing down the three storey building on 29/05/20 subject to delays, if asbestos is found on site this will delay things for about a week, workers will start breaking things down from the bottom first using scaffolding, then mechanical equipment will bring the rest of the building down.

Special fencing will be installed so to protect the public and passing cars.

Manchester Fireworks have moved to 105 Cross Street in Sale, no information is available about the tattoo shop.

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