Chinook helicopter featured in many big films comes over Trafford today

A very special helicopter visited Trafford this afternoon.

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It was at around 5.15pm when in a park in Sale the sound of a very loud helicopter could be heard and for sometime!  as if by magic the Chinook helicopter came over, everyone looked up, and what a great sight that was.

Our photographer just happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture some images of the huge twin turbo prop engined transporter helicopter.

The helicopter was no more than around 2500ft and was heading in the direction of Salford so likely it landed at City Airport.

This helicopter has been seen in many films, one that comes to mind was ‘The day after tomorrow’ when near the end many Chinooks could be seen taking people from the skyscrapers.

A Chinook helicopter has a top speed of 197mph and made its first flight in 1962, it is an American made aircraft developed by Boeing.

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