Some of the biggest fish ever seen are currently swimming around in a Trafford canal

Image N4TX

The Bridgewater Canal that runs through Trafford has many fish roaming around, however yesterday a huge pack of very large fish was seen in Stretford.

Huge fish seen in Bridgewater Canal in Stretford: Video N4TX

They got the attention of many people who were taking pictures of the very large fish.

Sadly no one knew what species they were only that they had tags on them, and from what we can gather looked a little bit lost.

Anglers were waiting for them further down the canal, however they may fall foul of the law as some fish they catch must be thrown back in again, you can read the rules of fishing in the North West by clicking https://www.gov.uk/guidance/regional-rod-fishing-byelaws-north-west-region

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