Air crash kills 107 people in Karachi

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Last moments of PIA A320 top right: Imagr AVHeralfd

An Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 was on route from Lahore to Karachi with 107 passengers and crew on board when disaster struck.

On 22 May 2020, the aircraft was approaching its final destination of Karachi, just a normal flight on what seemed like a normal day, the crew was very close to landing, the captain asking the cabin crew to clear up and make sure everyone is strapped in for the landing as normal.

According to AVHerald things turned for the worse, instead of the normal checks the captain and his first officer has to do before landing, now the alert was sounding, the nose gear had malfunctioned, the aircraft was now in danger of crashing on the runway.

Both engines and all systems were running as normal, the checklists now was much different, it was now an emergency, because of the malfunction the captain told ATC (Air Traffic Control) that he had to do a go around, in the conversation with ATC the captain sounded calm.

The captain then declared they had lost an engine (no longer working) although still not that serious as an aircraft can still fly on one engine, however the captain and first officer had to now deal with two problems, ATC gave the captain the use of both Karachi runways.

The controller then heard the captain declare a ‘May Day’ several times as the second engine was no longer working.

At the time of issuing a mayday call, the Airbus jet was now sailing towards the ground, with only a small turbine that was deployed to help it stay in the air a while longer.

The aircraft crashed 1,300 metres from the runway into five multi story houses killing all on board and people on the ground.

We saw several videos of the aircraft coming down, investigators will look at everything, repair logs, even the captain and first officers conversation and actions on board the aircraft.

It must have been incredibly difficult for the captain and first officer, having no front gear meant a belly landing, that in itself is very dangerous and needs the speed to be slow and controlled.

By the time they were lined up to land speed would have been reduced by a fair bit, much more than normal then we believe both engines had gone out, so what they needed now was more speed!

Having seen many videos of the aircraft coming down, it is obvious the captain decided to pull up the nose to an extreme angle, looking at it from an aerodynamic way, this angle would have seen a huge amount of drag on the aircraft which would have slowed it down even further.

What they needed was more speed, the aircraft was still we believe flying at around 2000ft, had the captain pulled the nose down a little the speed would have increased a touch, even a small amount would have surely meant the aircraft would have made the runway.

It is not known why the captain decided to pull up the nose to further slow down the plane to almost stalling it, however we expect to hear more about exactly what happened on board PK-8303.

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