New 5G mast to be installed in Sale Moor

Proposed 5G site in Sale Moor

A new Telefonica (O2) 20 metre 5G mast with 6 antennas, 2 transmission dishes, a GPS module and 3 remote radios is to be installed on Old Hall Lane in Sale Moor.

The new mast will be placed fairly close to an existing 3G/4G mast, this mast is currently shared with O2 and Vodafone once the 5G mast has been installed, it will no longer be shared and it will then belong to Vodafone.

Councillors Brotherton and Western was contacted about this new 5G mast on 1st April 2020, the MP Mike Kane was also contacted and all according to documents seen have not yet responded.

A letter was also sent to Moorlands Junior School on Temple Road.

O2 are increasingly becoming the dominant force in Sale with several 5G masts to be installed at some point during the next couple of months, whilst they are all applications, the masts will be installed due to it being a government scheme to get the UK better connected and to enjoy the benefits of lightening fast data speeds which will be around the 500mbps mark.

However the side effects are nasty, even with ICNIRP’s 1998 out dated guidelines, they say anything over 6GHz will cause a thermal effect on the skin and time limited to only 4 minutes! 5G will start at 3.8GHz per cell and then increase up to 300GHz once the milimetre wave masts/antennas have been fitted to just about everything in your neigbourhood.

This exposure will be all of the time not time limited, this is where we feel local councillors have not properly read or understood the ICNIRP guidelines even though they are well out of date.

400 doctors in Brussels sign an open letter to the government asking them to halt the roll out of 5G, Switzerland halted 5G over safety concerns, other areas of the UK have halted the 5G roll out, why is this?

A doctor in the US has claimed he has seen 2000 documents saying how dangerous 5G is, all this evidence yet the roll out continues, this is just insanity beyond anything we can comprehend.

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