New 5G mast to go up next to Crossford bridge playing fields in Sale

Location of 5G mast at CPF in Sale: Image Google

A new Telefonica (O2) 20 metre 5G mast could go up next to Crossford Bridge playing fields in Sale soon.

The mast like all of Telefonica’s come with it 6 antennas = 22.8GHz, two microwave dishes, a GPS module, 3 remote radios and several cabinets.

Exposure levels will be high for every mast built or upgraded, this one though will hopefully be objected against due to the proximity of where very young children play football and run around at Sale Harriers, it is also close to residential property.

Councillors Brotherton and Western have been sent a cover letter about the proposals and have not yet responded, a letter has also gone out the the MP Mike Kane who has also not responded.

We suggest Sale United FC and Sale Harriers Manchester object to this proposal and should have been contacted by Telefonica.

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