Concerns grow as yellow smoke has been seen coming from Carrington Power Station

Carrington Power Station: Image Wendy Pickford

Residents took to social media concerned about seeing a yellow plume of smoke coming from Carrington Power Station.

The site run by ESB is situated on Manchester Road in Carrington and the Enviroment Agency is the people who make sure this and SAICA paper mill further down the road towards Partington is running safely.

We have been told by other people that this yellow smoke coming from one of the two chimney stacks has been seen for a few days and are starting to get concerned as to why this was.

In addition to the smoke a large amount of pollution has also been seen in the canal at the back of the plant, although we cannot verify if the toxic waste had come from the plant.

We now have a statement by Carrington Power station:

“The colouration of the exhaust plume from the Carrington Power Station is something that is observed occasionally and is a known phenomenon present during the start up of the units (as it is with these particular machines across the UK/World).

“The visible green/yellow colour is present for a short time, during this part of the operation (as throughout all normal operation) we continue to operate within all acceptable operation levels and are fully compliant with our permits/licences.

“Carrington abstracts water from the canal to use to cool the steam plant, the abstraction and return of the canal water are tightly managed and controlled (again per the conditions of our permitting/licencing) and has continued to operate without issue.

“Carrington Power Station continues to maintain the highest level of compliance to all planning and environmental licencing constraints and is one of the newest and most efficient combined cycle gas turbine plants on the UK system, as such, we manage and monitor our emissions to the highest standards.

“The Carrington Power Station continues to liaise and report to the Environment Agency on its emissions levels (as required under its licences) and on any queries /concerns raised by the general public.”

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