Cyclists cheer about the new pop up cycling lanes in Trafford! we spot the dangers

Dangers facing cyclists in Stretford: image Darren Marsden

Cycling is on the up as we ditch the car for the greener alternative, its cheap and helps keep you fit and healthy.

With this crazy virus the council had to keep people apart as much as possible, they got some funding to be able to seperate cyclists from runners and walkers and of course vehicles.

Traffic cones was seemingly the best idea Trafford Council could come up with, we first saw them on Edge Lane in Stretford which to be honest was a complete waist of time as the cones were on painted cycle lanes and gave no real difference in room.

More of these cones are now seen on the A56 Chester Road in Old Trafford to Dane Road in Sale, the next part will be much harder as Cross Street then Washway Road becomes more narrow.

We read many cyclists saying they felt safe and all the hype of something new was obvious, and we agree its better than nothing!, however we wanted to make sure it really was safe and had our doubts from the start.

Today (05/06/2020) we went out to view the newly built cycle lane in Stretford and Sale, in parts of the route it did feel safe more so at the junction of Dane Road where the gap is widest.

Things started to get a little dodgy, as we went under the M60 bridge and over on to the path going past the tip we saw a gap south bound, this gap enabled motorists to get through on to the motorway.

Because of this gap and the reality that cars tend to speed up near a slip road made cycling incredibly difficult, since now the attention was on who was turning in and not what was in front.

This was incredibly dangerous, if that was not enough we found huge queues outside McDonalds, people waiting in cars and often blocking the cycle path and actually all lanes of the A56 at one point.

We got our camera out and started to roll, what we saw was an eye opener, one woman cycling south bound having to apply her breaks and swerving, another man ended up in a live lane after almost colliding with a car.

In the last bit of footage we took recently further down towards Talbot Road in Stretford we saw one man cycling outside of the temporary bike lane, this was interesting.

The saying goes “If you want something doing proper then do it proper or not at all” and that is true! this is a poorly thought out scheme to make the council look great, to make it look like a green council and that it was doing much for the residents of the borough even saving the odd bit of money on the never never, since now they are so skint any extra money is welcomed.

As a borough it will be incredibly difficult in the long term to get what we need to keep cyclists safe, to keep them out of the way of vehicles, Trafford is designed firstly for the car, the van and so on, when designers got to work Cycling was in no ones minds!

As cycling has become more popular we should be keeping any money to one side, getting enough to build something, the council had the chance when the dreadful junction was made at Stretford Mall.

They could have built a road for cycling and walking, for taking a break on benches, walking the dog towards Bridgewater Canal all in safety with cars and everything else going underneath, it would have only been small, however it would have been valuable and safe for everyone, it would have enhanced trade at the shopping centre giving business much needed money, and what did Trafford Council do?

We will continue to monitor the situation to keep cyclists safe.

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