Covid-19 deaths from ward to ward in Trafford

We can today officially reveal from every ward in this borough how many people died of COVID-19 from March to May 2020.

It is also a fact that many deaths were natural or diseased related and they were given the ‘Died by COVID-19 stamp.

Here then is what the government are saying and in random order:

  • Altrincham East: 5
  • Altrincham West, Dunham and Warburton 12
  • Ashton Upon Mersey South: 8
  • Ashton Upon Mersey North: 3
  • Bowdon: 9
  • Broadheath and Firsway: 2
  • Davyhulme: 7
  • Hale: 5
  • Hale Barns: 9
  • Gorse Hill Stretford: 5
  • Sale North: 6
  • Sale Central includes Brooklands: 10
  • Sale East: 5
  • Sale Moor: 13
  • Trafford Park West and Kingsway Park: 3
  • Trafford Park East and Sevenways: 3
  • Timperley North:6
  • Timperley East: 11
  • Timperley South: 9
  • Urmston East: 16
  • Urmston West: 6
  • Flixton and Moorside: 16
  • Lostock and Stretford Meadows: 4
  • Stretford East: 6
  • Firswood: 4
  • Old Trafford: 7
  • Partington and Carrington: 10

Deaths sadly occur all of the time and with this so called super bug it really did not take hold as much as the government claimed, social distancing had no science to it and now proven to be a waist of time and here is the proof from the World Health Organisation:

It is ‘very rare for people asymptomatic to give someone else the bug, so next to no chance of catching it of someone the whole time, if you caught the bug you would not be outside surely!

Most people rang the helpline in panic soon as they caught a cold or may have even had a fever thinking they had Coronavirus when actually they just had a normal cold or flu symptoms or even fever which we all know is really nasty, it was interesting hearing from people who called the helpline thinking they had caught the bug and when asked did you get any confirmation it was Coronavirus everyone said ‘No’

You can make up your own mind on this, either way we are just happy to see the back of it and life continues much the same as before despite the huge hit to the economy and job losses which the government need to give its full attention if we are to bounce back.

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