Young male arrested on suspicion of violent disorder following an incident in Partington

Near Millbank Farm in Partington: Image Google


Police have issued an update about the incident that took place at Millbank Farm on the evening of 7 June 2020 where several youths began throwing missiles at an old man’s greenhouse.

The elderly man aged 75 and has cancer decided to tackle the offenders asking why did they targeted him for, in doing so he was threatened and grabbed out of his car.

Today 13 June 2020 a juvenile was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder, he was interviewed and the matter now has gone to the CPS (Criminal Prosecution Service) who will be giving advice as to what the charge will be.

As of now the suspect has been released on bail pending completion of the investigation.

Police are happy with the people of Partington with the response to this incident.

They will be working with partner agencies to tackle other anti social behaviour in Partington.

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