Residents clean up after the illegal rave in Carrington

Laughing has canisters everywhere on Carrington Lane

We spoke to residents in Carrington today 14 June 2020 and all have said they were concerned at the rave and hope this type of thing will not happen again.

One man who does not wished to be named told us that when he went with his dog down Manchester Road earlier this morning he saw a shocking sight, miles of trash on both sides, drink cans, bottles, drug bags and silver bullet type things which people use to get a buzz from.

He saw residents cleaning up the mess, Manchester Road was clean and many bags of rubbish were seen where local people had cleaned up what they could.

It was not the same though for Carrington Lane where we saw more of these silver canisters with Nitrous Oxide inside which makes you laugh, we saw empty boxes and a huge bag of these things outside the old Manchester City training ground.

From what was a dreadful event came the real hero’s the residents who care about the area they live in, understanding how bad street sweeping has become these days helping to tidy up, well done to all who took part in the sweep up.

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