A fond farewell to a retiring jumbo jet a Manchester Airport

Virgin 747: Image Darren Marsden

Aviation fans came to see the last ever flight of the Virgin Atlantic 747 (G-VLIP) at Manchester Airport yesterday 15 June 2020.

The 747 known as The Queen of the skies” took to the runway, stopped for a while so people at the aviation viewing park could get a last look at her before she went to line up on the runway, aviation fans cheered the aircraft with some fans with tears in their eyes this was a moment for them never to forget.

As the aircraft took off with its ‘Star Wars’ livery people waved, and to people’s surprise the aircraft did what is known as a ‘wing wave’ where the captain gets the aircraft to do a side to side rotation making it look like the aircraft is waving.

The event was streamed live by Big Jet TV and you can see this footage below:

Many 747 aircraft are being either flown out to an aircraft graveyard or sold for scrap, the 747 was designed in the 60’s and updated to the present 747-400, it was invented because back in the day aircraft on single engines were not reliable for long haul trips this is why the 747 has four engines.

Because of how technology has advanced we now have ultra reliable fuel saving twin engines on aircraft, the airline would save a lot of money so it makes perfect sense for them to end the 747 despite many aviation fans falling in love with the aircraft.

Do not fear though the 747 will still be around for sometime, with cargo aircraft and other operators continuing to use the ‘Queen of the Skies’

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