Get ready for a brand new Sale Square Shopping Centre

The old application was long approved and just about every resident who went to the consultations also approved.

A slight amendment to the plans has been added which means the application has been re submitted, it is likely to be passed as the amendments are actually better than the original plans.

Work will start in phases, and we are told that it may take a while for this entire thing to be completed, we have been given a figure to the tune of £50m which is a lot of money to find.

The plans though to change this shopping centre is just breathtaking, as you can see in the picture this looks amazing, and it will be seen all over the shopping area.

New first floor offices will be built with a brand new roof, it seems Barton Willmore who are redeveloping the site is putting cycling and walking first, a statistic seen shows that the preferred method of getting to the shopping centre is on foot.

Some shops will have to be demolished and we believe Sibson House at the back of the shopping centre will also be knocked down with THT having to find the residents a temporary place to live in.

The cinema part ‘it seems’ will be last to be built, and what a great venue this will be, bringing in more people, however residents nearby may not be very happy with the amount of people coming and going, maybe hanging about during the evening.

We think you will agree it is time for Sale to be given an upgrade, to be able to go shopping, to relax and have a bite to eat, to work in and have a good time with the family, this regeneration is the wish come true and we cannot wait for work to begin.

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