Dispersal order issued for a large part of Carrington this weekend

Dispersal order within the red zone

Greater Manchester Police have issued a dispersal order for a big part of Carrington this weekend due to last weekend’s illegal rave on the former Shell site.

The rave saw over 2000 people attend and sadly three people were stabbed and one man seriously injured, an 18-year-old woman was raped in nearby woods in the Partington area.

Fuelled by drink and drugs people were taking a chance more so holding a rave on the former Shell site, looking at things closer a recent document revealed a site investigation confirms contamination on the site, contaminated soils, ground water that is producing vapours and ground gases, the document can be read from 12.0 https://democratic.trafford.gov.uk/documents/s19527/Agenda%20Item%204%20-%20Applications%20for%20permission%20to%20develop%20etc.pdf

Many people at the illegal rave had taken Nitrous Oxide through a balloon on that night, thousands of canisters were seen on Carrington Lane and elsewhere, you can find out about the dangers here https://www.talktofrank.com/drug/nitrous-oxide#the-risks

A Statement in relation to illegal raves from Inspector Sutcliffe said:

“Last weekend thousands of people gathered for illegal raves on an industrial site in Carrington and at Daisy Nook Country Park in Oldham. These events were illegal, poorly organised and dangerous. As a result, three people were stabbed, a young woman was raped and, tragically in Oldham, a 20-year-old man died of a suspected drug overdose.

“If you’re thinking of attending an illegal rave this weekend, the dangers of these events are now extremely clear. You are putting yourself at an unnecessary, and frankly, life-threatening risk.

“Not only is there a risk that groups may also attend who are intent on causing violence, but industrial sites like Carrington pose many hidden dangers. Industrial waste, exposed metal and unsecure ground all pose a serious danger to people who have had a drink or taken drugs.

“As well as these dangers, industrial sites are extremely large. It took police officers eight minutes to reach one of the men stabbed at Carrington. The man was severely injured, and every minute he couldn’t get help significantly increased his chances of dying.

“We saw that last weekend’s illegal raves were fuelled by drink and drugs. Every time you take illegal drugs you are taking your life in your hands. We would ask you to stop and think before taking these risks – you don’t want to be the son or daughter who doesn’t return to their parents.

Please don’t mistake illegal raves for organised events. The organisers may do their “best to look legitimate but all they’re after is your money.

“There are no First Aiders nearby, no one handing out bottles of water, no one who will help get you home if you lose your friends. If someone became ill or injured at an organised event organisers and stewards would help the emergency services to get to them immediately.

“This didn’t happen at the event in Carrington last weekend and people almost lost their lives.

“By attending an illegal rave, it is overwhelmingly clear that you are putting yourself at a life-threatening risk. Due to the clear dangers, I am authorising a dispersal order using powers under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

“This dispersal order covers most of the land surrounding Carrington as outlined in the map and provides officers with powers to move people from an area and direct them not to return for a specified period. Those that do not follow this order may be arrested.

” I am taking this step to ensure we do not see a repeat of the incidents of last weekend.

“Manchester has arguably the best night life in the country and it won’t be long before we can enjoy it again. Until then we need to remember why bars and clubs are closed, and why popular organised events had to be cancelled. “

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