Pop up cycle lanes in Trafford delighted the many not the few

The end of the cones in Sale: Pic Darren Marsden

Due to social distancing the government helped council’s up and down the UK to create a safer environment for cyclists and walkers, and so if they wanted could create cycle pop up lanes.

It also kept people of buses and trams.

Trafford Council did just that and many cyclists got very excited about it, more so knowing you could cycle from the edge of Manchester City Centre all the way to Alttincham and back in some safety.

It got as far as Park Road on 22 June and sadly every cone was not seen anywhere along the residential areas of Washway Road the next day, it was a shock to some having only seen it go as far as Timperley for just one day.

Yesterday 22 June 2020 without a doubt was one of the worst traffic jams we had ever seen, we noted some on social media was comparing it with the normal traffic on that road which at peak times is always bad, however by around 10am it gets much better and by 11am all the way through to around 3pm Washway Road is just a normal road again.

The traffic going to Altrincham did not clear, it stayed bad throughout the day and as you would expect approaching 4pm peak time the traffic from people going home added to the nightmare.

No one has once said anything about pollution, not one cyclist on social media either! that we have seen, on the 22nd June yesterday during the entire day residents complained about the stench of car pollution in the air.

The council who themselves declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ in Dec 2018 have done next to nothing about climate change, if they had stuck with the cycle lanes many people will have complained shattering the very tiny bit of respect they have on the issue.

We read that the Trafford Tories were not happy and not in favour of these pop up lanes, alongside motorists who we expected would have been unhappy, we have to agree though that in residential areas the pop up lanes was causing chaos, and needed only to be looked at.

Removing the cones from Marsland Road to Langdale road south bound would have been enough, this would have cut out the moans and groans, it would have freed up the space, couriers could deliver the parcels and bang! we have a winning solution.

Sadly Trafford Council took all the cones away! from Sibson Road in Sale all the way towards Park Road, this was wrong! although One Trafford has given a tweet about it claiming that “It was for social distancing and was always under review” this was not going to be good enough in anyone’s books.

Whilst we believe some cyclists kind of got carried away with themselves with the pop up lanes maybe thinking they were for cycling safety as in infrastructure, we want the council to look at a fast alternative for them all, in the way of proper infrastructure, leaving this half way now is not acceptable.

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