Pop up cycle lanes: Trafford Tories to blame for the council reducing the cycle lanes

Pop up cycle lanes in Sale: Pic Darren Marsden

The Trafford Tories have now responded and in the statement admitted it was them that caused the council to do a u-turn on the pop up cycle lanes and cut half of Sale off in the process, and Stretford is next!

Motorists will have also complained.

The statement in full:

Following a letter sent from Trafford Conservatives to the Labour Leader of Trafford Council, requesting to urgently reconsider the reduction of the A56 from two lanes each way between Altrincham and Manchester to one lane for cars and a dedicated one lane for cycles, local Conservatives are pleased that some of the restrictions have been removed. 

The news that the temporary A56 cycle lane in Sale is being moved back to Sibson Road has been welcomed as a victory for common sense, but the decision still leaves most of this key road through Trafford choked by queueing traffic, caused by under-used cycle lanes

Cllr. Nathan Evans, Leader of the Opposition at Trafford Council said “I am pleased that an element of common sense has prevailed and that some of the unnecessary cycle lanes have been removed on the A56. However, anyone stuck in traffic on the road between Stretford and Manchester will rightly ask why the restrictions have not been removed on that stretch of the A56 too. Perhaps, the ruling Labour administration are so used to taking the people of Stretford and Old Trafford for granted that they are not concerned about the opinion of residents from the north of the borough.

“With lockdown restrictions being eased across England and the two metre social distancing rule being relaxed, there is no need for these huge cycle lanes to remain in place and Conservatives are calling for the lanes to be removed as soon as possible.

“We agree that there is a need for safe cycle lanes between Manchester and Altrincham and hope that the ruling Labour administration will actually consult with residents and stakeholders on how to make the pre-existing cycle lanes safer. Instead of wasting a lot of time and money placing thousands of cones on a major road, the Labour council administration should have listened to the needs of cyclists and motorists to ensure any new schemes complemented and improved the safety of all modes of transport, especially when government advice has been to use cars as well as bicycles and not public transport.”

We have to look at the reality here, the cycle lanes were always going to be controversial once it got to residential areas, it was fine all the way to Marsland Road in Sale.

Further on is where the chaos started, the council needed to be brave and make a proper decision and remove the cones up to Langdale Road and we would have none of this! everyone would be happy, no real congestion issues, no major spike in pollution instead they pushed back the lanes to near the M60.

In the end these pop up lanes were for social distancing and somehow as previously stated it got lost in translation with many cyclists thinking it was for cycling safety, as if it was infrastructure, and sadly they were all wrong.

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