What would happen if Trafford Council does go bankrupt?

We understand finances at Trafford Council are so dire that if they do not get sufficient government funding in the next couple of week the council could go bust.

So what will happen if the council does go under? firstly if the council cannot find a suitable way forward it needs to submit a 114 notice because it cannot balance the incomings and outgoings and will not be able to set a budget making it effectively insolvent.

Once the 114 order is issued the council has 21 days of normal operation within this 21-days period they need to set a budget that meats the criteria of the order.

Once done, big things happen! the council would have to sell some of its assets, many jobs will be lost, parks will not be looked after, and council tax support for the most vulnerable in Trafford will be cut this would have a devastating impact.

Social care will be hit hard although the council even though effectively no longer a council will still need to keep things going, they still have to operate although now in a smaller way.

We have no idea what would happen to the councillors, the likely thing would be a pay cut that would mean some councillors will either stand down or take a voluntary roll.

Councillors though are important to many people some of them provide not only a first class service but some security for the most vulnerable in our borough.

We however do not make up the rules, it would be up to the leader of the council to make all the decisions and if it was himself who decided to waste £180,000 on a bunch of cones then we are in for a very rough ride indeed.

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