Police warn people not to be attending any copycat illegal rave this weekend in Carrington

Common Lane

Police have got information that a copycat illegal rave is planned to happen somewhere in Carrington this weekend.

On Saturday 13th June 2020, 2000 people attended an illegal rave in Carrington. As a result, three people were seriously injured and a young women was the victim of a serious sexual assault.

More dangers exist because of the land people were on, the last rave was on the former Shell site which is even now emitting toxic gasses from the ground, other nasty things have been found at ground level, this is a serious health hazard.

It is better to go to an organised event where you will have the safety of emergency services on standby, where you can have a great time in a legal way, just being responsible and showing some common sense is the way forward.

Section 34 order zone within the red markings

Due to the information, and to prevent anti-social disorder, a section 34 Dispersal Order has been authorised and will apply from 5.30pm on Friday 3rd July 2020 until Sunday 5th July 2020.

This order gives a Police Officer the power to direct any person to leave the area of Carrington as outlined by the map, and not to return. Failure to comply could result in your arrest.

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