COVID-19: Trafford safest place to live in Manchester

For the first time we have seen figures of positive tests of COVID-19 and Trafford is the lowest of all authorities in Greater Manchester and by some margin.

The current figure for June in Trafford per 100.000 people stands at 3.4 in comparison Leicester is 135!

Here is the full list:

  • Rochdale 28.8
  • Oldham 27.8
  • Bolton 21.6
  • Tameside 15.5
  • Manchester 15.2
  • Bury 6.3
  • Salford 6.2
  • Wigan 4.0
  • Trafford 3.4

Having illegal raves could put at risk this figure, if we keep to what we are doing this virus will be gone from Trafford.

We are safer here in Trafford for just about everything, let’s keep it this way.

Despite our investigations into this what people are calling a plandemic and the facts are some of the most important questions about this virus remains unanswered we have to be pleased with being the safest place in the borough.

Keep your hands sanitised, wash them when you can for 20 seconds, and keep away from people with bad colds.

We are aware and concerned about a young girl working at a Timperley kebab shop coughing her heart out and looking worse for wear yesterday, a resident warned them about the risks and she should be at home.

No one has to be paranoid or scared about this virus, no one needed to be in the first place, the way forward now is to keep to what we have been doing, relaxed and keeping things as normal as possible.

Well done to everyone in Trafford, it has been a struggle however things are much better now, and could improve even more by not attending any illegal raves!

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