HS2 to start construction work on phase 2a in Cheshire soon


HS2 (High speed railway) will start work on the Phase 2a which will take the line north of Crewe sometime next year.

The next part of the line will then be Manchester phase 2b and that means more concerns for those in both Partington and more so Warburton.

Warburton will be ripped apart by this line, the worries over a huge housing development and the continued issues surrounding the toll bridge must make residents feel as if they have somehow been targeted.

Of course Partington residents will also feel the trembling effects every time a train comes past, the light and noise pollution, although HS2 has shown some goodwill to the residents of Partington after we asked them to not disturb an ancient graveyard 400 yards south of the village, it meant that the line was pushed further south,

Because the line was moved further south it also means Coroners Wood is protected, from the original plan the woods would have been ripped up which would have been a huge loss to the area.

It will take some years yet for HS2 to be ‘operational’ in Warburton/Partington areas, however they are moving fast and it would not surprise us that in the next couple of years work will start on that part of the line.

This would mean disruption to local people, by then Heath Farm Lane will have all but completed, Countryside Homes will have built all of the huge housing development at the back of Lock Lane, Most of Carrington will have been built, we expect the new housing development on Oak Road will have been built, do they need anymore disruption?

What people need is new roads, new shops, new medical infrastructure and god forbid some entertainment for once! whilst political councillors sit on their arses concerned for all other areas other than the one they were elected to represent residents of both Partington and Warburton have to put up with the chaotic times that is in front of them.

Doom and gloom is a route we try hard to steer clear from, a positive mind and outlook is the only hope, for this to be achieved the good people of Partington need the help they deserve from those they elected and not at any time did they get this, and nothing has changed, at a time when they need them the most.

You can view more information on the Phase 2a works here https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/commonplace-customer-assets/hs2incheshire/HS2_Phase%202a%20’IYA’%20booklet%20CA05_web.pdf

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