Suicides goes up sharply in Trafford during the pandemic

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We have information that suicides mostly young men in Trafford has increased sharply due to the pandemic.

What was more shocking is that people are unknowing they had a problem or did not seek help.

The same worker who we cannot name admitted that Coronavirus was more about hysteria than a genuinely dangerous bug, social distancing was not needed.

We already knew suicide was high in Trafford a GP from Sale spilled the beans on how bad Trafford is with its suicide rates, things though have taken a turn for the worse.

UK wide rates have gone up by 200% in just the past three months and it may climb even further.

If you are feeling down or just need a talk to someone never hold it in, whilst we understand that many guys think they are big and tough, your feelings are not the same and can be broken as easily as anyone else, it is now time to release the pressure on yourself.

It is not going to ruin your image at all by talking to someone, maybe a GP or someone from Samaritans or even a family member.

Building it all up can mean bad things down the line, often life throws us curveballs, if you are already in a bad place in your mind, this curve ball could be what sinks you and the rest could be history.

The same for a woman who feels low or really low must speak to someone about what it is that is bothering them, it does not matter what it is either, if you see your GP which is what we recommend he or she will have heard many patients talking about their troubles and fully understand what your are going through and will get you back to being happy again, importantly in a secure and confidential setting.

Never hold anything in! release the pressure on yourself and watch the calm waters in your mind return and the happy you spring back to life once more.

You can also talk to The Samaritans, these people are special in that they deal with all sorts of people’s problems and just a chinwag down the phone is as helpful as anything when you are in a bad situation, even if you are lonely they are their for you, ring them they will be pleased you did and its all confidential ring now! 116 123 from any phone and even better it is completely free.

Similarly if you know someone who needs the help click here: https://www.samaritans.org/how-we-can-help/if-youre-worried-about-someone-else/if-youre-worried-about-someone-else-during-coronavirus-outbreak/

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