Wearing a mask will not protect you from Coronavirus

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UK Prime minister Boris Johnson hinted that wearing face masks could be made compulsory soon, we have since found out that the wearing of face masks will be encouraged not made mandatory.

We have researched this far and wide and everything read from medics around the world is “masks do not protect against any virus” and could actually be more dangerous.

When wearing a surgical mask or any none breathable mask the oxygen levels decrease, any decrease in oxygen levels will stress the body, the body is weakened and the immune system suppressed.

If you weaken the immune system this is not what you need to be doing right now, another reason for not wearing a face mask is not many people know how to safely use one, for example you are far more likely to touch the mask with your hands, a surgical mast cannot be used all of the time.

We saw evidence from a NHS worker that a surgical mask needs to be thrown away after just 20 minutes of use! and even worse people will just throw them away, many will end up on our paths and roads.

Another reason for people not to be wearing a mask is some of them do not protect you from nasal spray, the mask needs to be really good quality and many you will buy are of poor quality.

The only benefits in all of this is the companies set to make a fortune from making rubbish masks.

In the event Boris Johnson goes ahead with this insane guidance and does make it mandatory in shops and elsewhere then we have to expect that social distancing will be no longer a problem since the reason for queues outside shops was so you could protect yourself from someone asymptomatic.

We have covered articles about what the WHO (World Health Organisation) has recently said about it being “Very rare” that someone asymptomatic to pass on the bug, we have to also step back and understand fully about the difference between Coronavirus and Covid-19.

Coronavirus has been around since the start of civilisation, we get it all the time, a cold, snotty nose, and so on, nothing new! the difference is if you have complications, and do not recover as normal you then will need hospital treatment this is when you go on to get Covid-19 which could end up really bad.

So this is factual, and we are not saying for one moment Coronavirus is a walk in the park! not a chance, it can knock you for six! however many people recover, it is the unfortunate few who do not and sadly some will die.

We must not though get confused which sadly many have with Coronavirus and the later stages Covid-19.

Government guidance is just that! we do believe many people have forgotten that breaching any guidance is not an offence, you will not get into any trouble whatsoever by breaching any guidance, authorities are part of the problem with this! we see tweets giving the public the impression that its an offence,

We want you to do your own research, find out more, then you will see nothing adds up, you will notice all the lies, all the bloopers, and not even to put two and two together that much of what has been said is lies, we must not go down this path again, if we do and people fall for the same rubbish, our country will look completely different.

We will have nothing next time! and food shortages will happen because of another round of panic buying will leave producers struggling to cope, and the only benefits out of it will be mainstream media who have already made millions of pounds and want more and more.

We look further, remember all the thousands of people at the ‘Black lives matter’ protests? tens of thousands all together, no increase in Coronavirus infections was reported, if this bug was in our communities surely we will all be in lockdown again? the facts are its just a few people, maybe not even that!

It is all hysteria, and we need to step back and take a breather, then research stuff, not the conspiracy crap, unless you want a laugh that is!

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