UK Government bans Huawei 5G equipment

The UK government today 14 July 2020 banned Huawei from selling equipment to network operators, and all equipment must be gone by the next general election.

No network can buy any Huawei 5G equipment after Jan 1st 2021 and must strip out all Huawei equipment by 2027, some MPs wanted it to be 2025 however EE have said it would take a decade to replace all of the equipment.

Vodafone and EE have said people will have to put up with days of signal loss, Huawei are though not banned from 2G, 3G and 4G networks so people will always have a signal, it will be simply 5G that is affected.

This is though great news for anti-5G campaigners wanting a halt on 5G and something we are very happy with.

It will mean the 8 masts that were due to go up in Trafford will now be delayed, unless they have another vendor like Ericsson or Nokia to replace Huawei if that is the case then these masts will be built, we shall have to wait and see what happens.

It is also unclear what happens for those with Huawei handsets, we already know that the latest handsets have no Google play store so renders it useless despite the excellent cameras.

We suggest if you are buying a handset not to be buying an Huawei one until more details are known.

The UK thinks that Huawei is a ‘High Risk’ vendor and linked to the Chinese state which could do lots of damage to the country, we do not agree at all, had they wanted to do some damage they would have done this long ago.

The Tories are in love with the US it has always been this way, and whatever they do we have to do, rather than showing a pair of balls and actually thinking for itself the UK government have made us look like a yapping dog waiting for the US to throw it a bone.

5G though should be banned, the reality is though 5G is not dead, it is just going to be delayed, what this does is gives our councillors time to read the latest 2020 ICNIRP guidelines and not the older version which said nothing about 5G.

If any councillor needs help in understanding the dangers or understanding the new guidelines please contact us and we will be delighted to help out, similarly for all residents concerned or just want to ask questions please head over to Facebook and enter Trafford Residents against 5G where loads of people are talking and gaining knowledge.

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