BA retires all its 747-400 fleet with immediate effect

Queen of the Skies : Image BA

BA (British Airways) have today 17 July 2020 retired all of its 747-400 aircraft with immediate effect.

All 31 aircraft have been grounded, many are in other countries and will make one more journey before being scrapped or given to Elon Musk for his space junk business.

It is a sad day though for all the ‘AV Geeks’ the plane spotters of the world, since now they have less and less to take photos of, we all loved the 747 however it was a very old aircraft and did contribute to our growing climate issues.

We feel BA decided to retire these super jumbo jets under the excuse of Coronavirus, since the 747 holds more people it would have made business sense to keep some of them running for a few more years.

Virgin Atlantic have retired all fleet of 747 aircraft, we believe one more is to take off from Manchester and that will be that.

We do have some good news though for all those interested in what is known as “Heavies” the 747 is still around although many are now cargo aircraft, the best place to see these aircraft is at East Midlands Airport.

It is also true that the A380 is back in business, although it is not yet known if the Emirates A380 will ever fly to and from Manchester again.

If you believe the climate change thing, then you will understand and appreciate the efforts we all must put in to help with this, it might have come too late, you could argue the point that aircraft caused much of the damage and the fingers will always head towards a 747.

Costs are also a crucial factor in all of this, would you fly an aircraft that not only adds billions of tons of CO2 but costs about three times as much as a super efficient A350? and at a time where profits have dropped due to the hysteria and over reaction of a flu bug.

It is hoped like Virgin Atlantic that aviation fans can get one more look at British Airways ‘The Queen of the Skies” one last time to say goodbye to one of our favourite aircraft of all time.

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