Nokia’s 4G to 5G software update could help Huawei keep its 5G services via the backdoor

5G /LTE masts: Image Darren Marsden

Nokia has suddenly become to leader in 5G technology offering a simple update to base stations which turns 4G into 5G this saves networks money and speeds up the 5G roll out at break neck speeds.

This might sound like the best plan for the networks, however if Nokia can do this then surely they all can? if that is the case then Huawei who have been all but banned from the UK’s 5G services can legally have 5G services through the backdoor.

Huawei has not been banned from any other services such as 2G, 3G and 4G, if they also do a software update the government would be powerless to stop this, meaning the only change would be that the Chinese company would only have to convert its remaining base stations to 4G then at a flick of a switch will return it to 5G.

This would simply mean what the government has done is a complete waist of time and made things worse since now 5G will be with us even faster.

With the 5G masts already approved here in Trafford, we are unsure what will happen now and we are watching closely to see if any masts go up as planned, you can get all the updates on Facebook ‘Trafford Residents against 5G’

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