Coronavirus: Europe seeing big rises in cases but deaths from Covid-19 decrease

With the UK government still sending confusing messages to the public we can reveal the true statistics that shows that a huge rise in cases of Coronavirus in Europe however it is worth noting that deaths have decreased significantly and in some places almost no one has died.

Here are the latest UK and European statistics bare in mind they are not the dodgy ones from the UK government https://www.ecdc.europa.eu/en/cases-2019-ncov-eueea

Trafford has seen a slow rise in cases, although these statistics could be wrong since the government has been adding both the nose and mouth tests together for each individual so two would be counted making the figures much worse than they are, to this date they have not fixed this issue.

A second wave is not really accurate either, the virus does not have a second or a third wave, it has just been hanging around and will do until this government and others boot big pharma where it hurts and give those who are unwell Hydrodroxychlooquine and Zinc which actually cures people.

As the deaths are next to nothing now from Covid-19 we cannot really understand why the government continue to search for a super expensive vaccine, we are also troubled by what US president Donald Trump is saying about the big military presence and the vaccine, what is he planning to do?

For this time, as you can see from the link the UK is actually doing very well right now and it is now time though to just use a little bit more caution, wash the hands which should be a normal part of the day for everyone, you could put on some hand sanitiser and try to keep a bit of distance between one another.

Although it is mandatory to wear a mask, we urge you to look at the box or the packet and read about why you should not be wearing one! some of the masks we have seen even on footballers will not protect you from any cold virus which is what Coronavirus is! some people may suffer fever and feel unwell for a time 99% recover.

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