A lightning display like no other during the early hours over Trafford

Lightning in Trafford: Pic Darren Marsden

The weather had been very humid over the past few days and where their is humidity we will soon see the sky light up with a spectacular lightning display.

Over night the magic of nature to entertain humanity was on display better than we have seen for many years, it was at around midnight when we saw sheet lightning and lots of it, no thunder just loads of flashes that seemed distant.

Then the real action got under way, huge flashes of lightning was seen all over Trafford, we had fork and sheet lightning, and hardly any rain fell.

One huge lightning bolt could be seen hitting the ground in the South and West of Trafford that had the power of a huge bomb, the glow of power was breathtaking.

Weather forecasters are saying we could see yet more thunderstorms during the evening, fingers crossed they are right.

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