20 metre 5G mast set to be planted on Ayres Road in Old Trafford

Ayres Road/Elsinor Road in Old Trafford: Google

A 20 metre 5G mast is set to be installed at the junction of Ayres Road and Elsinor Road in Old Trafford.

Mobile operator Three has submitted plans to the council for the mast that will look out of place for the area it is in, the mast will be seen by fans at Lancashire Cricket Club and from around the Greatstone Road area.

The mast will also affect a small housing development that has been built for many years, we hope they will object to this mast and contact the local councillors and MP.

Old Trafford and all over the north of Trafford is almost all 5G now however Three and more so O2 are playing catch up, we can stop this mast and others from going up leaving only EE with the biggest coverage.

Despite EE having all the coverage which is not good at all, we can at least reduce the impact by booting out all the others and any EE/Three masts that come into our horizon.

Again Three have only given the older ICNIRP guidelines which is both very technical and has next to no information about 5G, the new 2020 version has more on 5G and even then they could not guarantee safety, neither could the WHO (World Health Organisation) who are not going to be issuing any statement until 2022.

If you want to be part of a anti-5G group that does not want violence or intimidation for any mast engineer or burning down masts join the Trafford residents against 5G group on Facebook.

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