Coronavirus: Top Trafford GP tells us the truth

We have been on the ball with this virus for months, we knew earlier on that this Coronavirus thing was a bit misleading, in our articles you can read many times that we thought the figures were wrong….how right we was.

To get a Trafford GP to open up was a magical thing, now unlike all the others this doctor does not want to be named for fear of loosing his job and that we understand.

He told us that Coronavirus is just a cold! something we have been saying for months, he told us that younger people and even middle aged people could catch Coronavirus however all will recover, some will have it more worse than others.

The dangers are to older people, he tells us clearly that if they catch a cold from younger people they will be in a bit of trouble and could even die, we said well why lock us down for? he replied we should have locked down the country earlier and we would have had none of this.

The only way out is a vaccine, and you will need to take it or you will not be able to travel or do anything, it will be like a passport to freedom if you take it or a locked door if you do not.

This is is pure madness, if it is only the elderly people becoming very unwell or even die, then why can we not get on with things end the lockdown and just protect the elderly, wear a mask around them! it is not rocket science.

On masks he told us that if you are young or middle aged you do not need to be wearing one unless you are around older people, this was his words and so everyone wearing a mask in school is putting themselves at risk of hypoxia and other bugs that will be actually on the mask.

After the conversation it shows how much nonsense is coming from leaders and the mayor, whilst understanding they have a duty to protect Greater Manchester they are overly concerned and do not have to panic so much.

A plan of action is needed, not restricting people as is the case now.

Of course if the younger person catches a cold and then brings it home and infects others then an elderly person could be in trouble, the plan then would be to keep gran and grandad away for a bit, clean up the place and wait for cold symptoms to pass, and back they come again, how long is anyone’s guess however a week should do it.

Because the doctor told me that this is really a virus that attacks the elderly, we have to ask why it was then the government put thousands of sick elderly people into care homes that was full of other elderly people fit and well and even to this day they are trying to do so giving care home managers a cash incentive according to a well known mainstream media outlet.

Did they want to kill off the elderly? what kind of government is that?

Now we see Co op getting worried about getting a cold from a £10 note or a fiver, maybe the coins! even though the government and the World Health Organisation has come out and told these firms that it is safe to handle money!

This entire thing was and still is a joke on each and everyone of us, a thing of panic, confusion, and fear of the unknown, many are psychologically damaged by those that puked out the fear messages from big names in broadcast media and some printed media.

Now you have the truth! the complete truth and a direction to go in to the normality you yearn for, we must not be scared anymore, read and re read the above messages and you will see that all of this was just a complete shambles, no one needed to panic and this useless government did that in a way no one could ever expect.

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