Flixton delight as a 20 metre 5G mast is refused by Trafford Council

This is what a 5G monopole mast looks like

A 20 metre 5G mast that was due to go up on Woodsend Road in Flixton has been refused by Trafford Council.

It seems the network Three needs to check on where it puts its masts before submitting an application to the council, this one like many others is in the wrong place.

We would like to think the refusal was on health grounds more than where it was placed, either way a mast refusal is a victory for the people and well done to each and every one of you who signed a petition and many thanks to the Flixton councillor Simon Thomas who helped achieve this result.

Although this mast has been refused many more are due to go up around houses and even if you do not live in that area you can still object, we need more objections for the Stretford and Old Trafford masts.

To get to see all masts refused or awaiting a decision all you have to to do is put in the word ‘Monopole’ into Trafford application search and a list of them comes up.

With this win under our belts we can do more to stop 5G, so please object to every mast that is awaiting a decision no matter where it is going up in Trafford.

Join the Facebook group Trafford Residents against 5G together with the councillors and MP’s we can stop 5G.

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