UK News: Earthquake shakes the South of England

Epicentre of the 3.3 quake

A 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook Bedfordshire at 8.45am this morning (08/09/20 this was the biggest quake on mainland UK for sometime.

The epicentre was in Leighton Buzzard where many people were having breakfast or at work, some residents took to social media to talk about the fleeting experience of the earthquake.

People also felt the quake in Milton Keynes where some people said that many things had fallen in the house with one woman claiming her bungalow was swaying a little.

Earthquakes are common in the UK many of which are so small it is called a tremor, the biggest quake around the UK was the 1931 – 6.1 magnitude quake in the north sea, in 2015 a 4.2 magnitude earthquake was recorded in Ramsgate, a 5.2 shaker was recorded in Lincs.

Even Trafford has had some tremors in the past, Partington sits on two fault lines that fork out northwards under the estate although nothing significant has ever happened could HS2 wake things up?

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