Coronavirus: Police offer the public 4 E’s or a FPN if you don’t comply with guidelines

Greater Manchester Police have a scheme where if they see or get reports of a gathering, they will issue 4 E’s and no compliance means an FPN.

The E’s are Engage, Explain, Encourage & Enforce if none of these things works then the police will issue FPN’s (Fixed Penalty Notices) which could turn out to be a bit of a shock.

The government want to change your behaviour, Boris Johnson has already said this in a recent interview, we think it is entirely unfair on both the police force and the public.

Police have to deal with a lot of things during the day and night, for them to be given more work takes them away from crimes that are happening in the areas they serve, it is putting stress on them and it is causing problems for residents as they are no longer as protected.
With no one dying ‘from’ Covid-19 in months and dodgy statistics who could blame anyone for not believing the government anymore, even doctors and now someone from a big pharma coming out saying there is no pandemic! watch the video below:


For this time though we suggest keeping within the guidelines, this would help local police do the jobs of keeping everyone safe, if you are having a small gathering a birthday party or whatever make sure its COVID safe, police have let a gathering continue in recent times due to that fact.

What all of us have to be concerned about though is how this government are starting to treat us, slipping in legislation that the opposition should be stopping! and they are doing nothing, Labour has done nothing to help.

it does feel that this is increasingly becoming about control than it is about any virus, it is then for the people to come out fighting in the right way.

We all know something dodgy is going on, and they are all in on it, even the NHS although gratefully they are starting to come out and tell the public the truth, they are indeed special people who look after all of us.

Talking is one thing, doing videos another, even protests are a good thing, however, does it do anything to change things? only legal action is the way forward, getting all the people of the UK together for mass protests daily in London, Manchester and Birmingham and everywhere else can stop this madness.

The public changed minds with the Poll Tax back in the day and we can do the same today to get what we want, and rightfully what we want….the truth! our freedoms back! and to get a new government in that will be on the side of the public rather than filthy rich bankers and others who have more money than most, it is the time to rise legally.


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