Trafford resident Jenni Ryan in with a good chance of winning ‘Miss Manchester’ next year

Jenni Ryan

Trafford has many talented people and one that goes beyond the word talented that is set to represent the borough in next years grand finals to see will be crowned Miss Manchester 2020, the final had to be moved to next year due to the pandemic.

Jenni Ryan is a key worker and works as a teaching assistant in Firswood, she has done loads of charity work her favourite being ElleforElle which aims to help tjose suffering from domestic and violent abuse, Jenni has raised £1,400 for a charity called ‘One woman at a time’

Her charity work is outstanding, going to the lengths of distributing 159 own made letters and 105 Elle for Elle leaflets delivering them all by herself so she could pick up unused or unwanted items for the Elle for Elle charity https://elleforelle.org.uk/ that could be used for people who have suffered domestic and violent abuse.

Looking back on Jenni’s past we can see things were not so good, having a hard time at school and with the death of her 6-year-old brother Andrew, things got real bad, herself and family members left struggling to cope, Jenni though and her family gained strength and continued on without Andrew.

Jenni is a special 24-year-old woman living in Old Trafford, her strength, her overwhelming desire to do good for her community and for everyone she meets is inspiring and refreshing, that twinkle in her eyes suggests she is destined for greatness and worthy of the title of Miss Manchester at next years grand final.

After the finals win or lose Jenni has things planned for a successful life beyond continuing her job in child care and the suggestion of being and working around animals more so dogs is a very big possibility, Jenni is a true star a genuine woman in all senses of the word, and we wish her all the best in everything she does now and in the future.

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