Coronavirus: Thousands of people will die of other conditions because they are simply scared to death

Thousands of people have either already died or going to die because they are scared of going to a hospital and not always because the hospital wont see them.

The government have scared them to death! this is tyranny at best, the poor communications and confusion by this government is the cause of this problem, and so they continue scaring them.

We are told that many people have had strokes and heart attacks but refused to go into the ambulance fearing they would catch the virus and have died or going to die because they did not get the right treatment.

Those with cancer face a long wait for treatment, hospitals are seeing a third of people less now than before the pandemic started.

Until this government stops dithering, stops its damaging weasel words which just confuses everyone and actually does its homework to see what is really happening more and more people will die simply because they are scared.

Despite this being a virus that threatens the elderly, younger people can give this virus to them, wearing a mask around elderly people might be the way forward.

The common theme to all this by Trafford GP’s and all other doctors in the UK that we have either spoken to or watched agree that the government have caused mass panic and they need to undo this with immediate effect or more people will die.

This is a dreadful state of affairs and surely….just surely someone somewhere will throw a legal challenge to this Prime Minister and to Nick Wa*kcock for not only misleading the UK but also for helping to kill thousands of innocent people and more to come simply because they frightened them.

Opposition leaders and Mayors, council leaders and others will not tell you the truth simply because if they did they would be on the scrapheap, we understand the balance between integrity and finance is a complicated one.

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