Pubs, restaurants and takeaways will have to close by 10pm tonight

Photo by Mat Brown on Pexels.com

With the government in panic mode they have ‘invented’ an idea to attack the hospitality industry a little more.

People call it a curfew however this is not the word we prefer for such lunacy, our pubs, restaurants and takeaways are very important and need protecting, having them shut could cause many of them to shut down.

Many jobs have already gone in the hospitality sector and expect more to go in the next month or so, can you imagine society without a pub?

The chancellor today helped out restaurant owners a little by extending the VAT reduction rate which has been set at 5% until a few months or so into 2021.

Greater Manchester Police who have so far shown the common sense approach, from tonight they are getting tough with on the spot fines for business who knowingly are defying the rules set out by a panic stricken Boris Johnson.

Takeaways are also included in this crazy plan so they also have to shut by 10pm, many do shut at this time and only a few that we know operate outside these hours, however they can still operate a delivery service.

People are though right to question these new rules on pubs, restaurants and take away’s asking “What difference will this make to reducing the rate of infections” more so where an establishment is covid secure.”

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